18. Juli 2017

Inflammation Lectures – Role of microbiota in chronic inflammation induction


Date: 29 September 2017, 12:00 – 13.00

Prof. Dr. Andreas Diefenbach, Direktor Institut für Mikrobiologie und Hygiene, Charite

Calibration of innate immunity by microbiota

  •  Microbiota controls the transcriptional state and epigenetic regulome of dendritic cells (even at non-mucosal sites)
  • Microbiota control steady-state type I IFN that program the metabolic groundstate of DC
  • Microbiota-controlled steady-state type I IFN calibrate DC responsiveness

Dr. Hyun-Dong Chang, “Microbiota and inflammation” Group, DRFZ

Shaping of adaptive immunity by microbiota

  • Microbiota determines pathogenicity of Th cells
  • Microbiota shapes mucosal immune response
  • Analyzing intestinal microbiota by flow cytometry