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The Leibniz Postdoc Network introduces: Marta Ferreira Gomes

Marta Ferreira Gomes post doc in the group of Andreas Radbruch and Mir-Farzin Masheghi has a great passion: researching memory B cells. Right at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, she began to investigate the relevance of these cells in severe courses of Covid-19 disease. It soon became clear that the antibodies produced by the B cells in severely diseased patients are not directed against the viruses, but against the patient’s own body – a chronic inflammation develops controlled by the cytokine TGFß.
Learn more about Marta´s Covid- 19 research, which was and is only possible in teamwork, in an interview in the blog series of the Leibniz Postdoc Network

The immune response in severe Covid-19-cases
Link zur Publikation in Nature Communications
Titel: SARS-CoV-2 in severe COVID-19 induces a TGF-β-dominated chronic immune response that does not target itself
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