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DRFZ junior researchers are networking Germany-wide

Since October 2020 Sandy Bauherr is the new Section C Spokesperson of the Leibniz PhD Network.

The Leibniz PhD Network was founded in 2016 as an initiative of doctoral researchers from various Leibniz Institutes and represents the interests of all doctoral researchers in the Leibniz Association. Sandy represents Section C “Life Sciences”. Sandy started working at the DRFZ during her Master thesis in 2017. In her current PhD project in Anja Hauser´s group Immune Dynamics she uses multiplex microscopy to study the link between localization of those immune cells in the tissue and their neighborhood, and how this shapes their function.


Leibniz PhD Network

Leibniz PhD Network Blog

Since November 2020 Johanna Callhoff is one of the two leaders of the working group “Network growth and outreach” of the Leibniz PostDoc Network.

The Leibniz PostDoc Network was founded in 2017, to provide a communication platform for all postdoctoral researchers in the Leibniz Association. Six working groups with different topics have been established. Johanna Callhoff represents the working group “Network growth and outreach”. Johanna joined the DRFZ in 2011 as a scientist in the “Biometrics/Clinical trials” group of Joachim Listing. Some years later her research focus shifted to health services research in musculoskeletal diseases in the group of Angela Zink in the program area Epidemiology and Health Care Research at our institute.

Since November 2020 Marta Ferreira-Gomes is financial officer of the Leibniz-PostDoc network

Marta Ferreira-Gomes was elected financial officer of the Leibniz PostDoc network. She has been a postdoc in the Andreas Radbruch´s  group Cell Biology of since 2019 and investigates how the body maintains its immunological memory over a long period of time.


Leibniz PostDoc Network


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