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Outstanding research funding for two young female DRFZ scientists

We congratulate Dr. Julia Polansky-Biskup and Dr. med. Antigoni Triantafyllopoulou for supporting their research work with an ERC Starting Grant. The European Research Council (ERC) awards this research funding of EUR 1.5 million over a period of five years to these two excellent young female scientists.

Dr. Julia Polansky-Biskup is a biologist and has headed the liaison working group on immunepigenetics at the DRFZ since June 2017.  Her research group focuses on the analysis of the epigenetic character of experienced immune cells and is located at the DRFZ, the Berlin-Brandenburg Centre for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT) and the Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies (BECAT).

Antigoni Triantafyllopoulou is a physician at the Medical Clinic with a focus on rheumatology and clinical immunology at the Charité. Since September 2017 she has headed the liaison working group on macrophages in chronic inflammations at the DRFZ, which investigates myeloid cells, especially macrophages, and their importance in chronic inflammatory diseases.

Please read the Charité press release here (in German only).

Macrophages in chronic inflammation Prof. Antigoni Triantafyllopoulou, MD Phone +49-30-28460-734 (office)/-675 (lab) triantafyllopoulou@drfz.de more
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