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Campus Chronic inflammation and vaccination

The Leibniz Science Campus Chronic Inflammation compares inflammations in various organs such as the joints, the intestines, the skin or the nervous system.
In order to understand the underlying mechanisms of vaccinations, the individual components of the organism have to be examined, e.g. the cells of the immune system and their life cycle.
In this regard, the researchers played a decisive role in elucidating the underlying mechanisms.

Among other things, they found out which cells maintain immunological memory, i.e. vaccination protection, elucidated the role stromal cells, or how immune cells in patients with chronic inflammations differ from those of healthy people.
If you would like to explore the complex world of immunology, you can read the original papers on the various findings of researchers in the Science Campus below.

At the event “Leibniz debates: vaccination”, the ScienceCampus Chronic Inflammation will present its work on this topic. The event will take place on November 5 at the Headquarters of the Leibniz Association in Berlin. It is part of the Leibniz Thementag “Gesundheit” and an activity of the Berlin Science Week 2019.

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