Network for PostDocs

PostDoc-College – Network for PostDocs

Since 2017, the postdoctoral researchers of the DRFZ and the Leibniz ScienceCampus on Chronic Inflammation have established a network which is geared to reach three major aims:

  • Increasing the visibility of Postdocs and their contributions to the scientific output of the institute.
  • Exploring career development strategies as an integral part of the postdoctoral phase to prepare for careers inside and outside of academia through workshops and mentoring opportunities.
  • Establishing a broad network of postdoctoral researchers at the DRFZ to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences.

To achieve these aims we have organized different activities such as lunch meetings for informal scientific and non-scientific discussions, and also workshops on additional skills or career development.

We want to promote exchange of expertise and ideas among postdoctoral researchers from all disciplines. For this we created a platform with our monthly “How to” Postdoc-Meetings. These meetings offer the chance to informally discuss all aspects of a researcher’s life that are not content-related such as project management, paperwork, time management, organizing meetings, etc. The topics and dates are circulated via our mailing list.

As teaching is an important task of advanced researchers, we conceptualized the Lecture Series on Chronic Inflammation which started in October 2018 as a registered event in the FU lecture schedule. Here, we present our own work or field of expertise in the context of chronic inflammation and thereby practice to prepare a complex topic for a more diverse audience of advanced students and doctoral researchers. The lecture series is currently pausing.

We also closely collaborate with the doctoral researchers and gather for social events to promote exchange among all researchers of the ScienceCampus.


The current Postdoc representatives are Gitta Heinz (Mashreghi lab) and Johanna Callhoff (Zink lab). They can be contacted via

Jacqueline Hirscher

Postdoc Board

Together with Yvette Meißner (Strangfeld lab), Marta Ferreira Gomes (Radbruch lab) and Marina Babic-Cac (Romagnani lab) they form the Postdoc board, which plans future events and strategies.

Jacqueline Hirscher

Furthermore, we are part of the Leibniz Postdoc Network which represents all postdoctoral researchers of the Leibniz Association. Since October 2018, Gitta Heinz is one of the spokespersons of the Leibniz Postdoc Network.

We are always looking for new ideas and people who would like to get involved in our network and plan activities.


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