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Recommendations for Rheuma patients during the corona pandemic

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Aktuelle Informationen der Rheuma-Liga
Die Deutsche Rheuma-Liga informiert über den Corona-Virus und rät Rheumapatienten, keinesfalls Medikamente ohne Rücksprache mit ihrem Arzt abzusetzen.
Aktuelle Informationen der DGRh
Neuigkeiten der DGRh zu Covid-19 im Zusammenhang mit Rheuma.
Neues Online-Register der DGRh
Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rheumatologie bittet alle Ärzte von Corona betroffene Patienten in das neue Online-Register Covid19-Rheuma.de einzutragen.
Masken tragen um die Gesellschaft zu schützen
Interview mit Prof. Regine Hengge (HU Berlin), die sich für das Tragen einer Maske in der Öffentlichkeit engagiert
Let’s not spread the virus - make your own mask!
Instructions by Prof. Regine Hengge (HU Berlin) for sewing a reusable mask.
DRFZ versus SARS-CoV2
Das DRFZ erforscht die Immunität gegen das Corona-Virus

Welcome to our information page for patients

The DRFZ lobby © Arne Sattler

Mobile rheumatism consultation © Arne Sattler

insight into cells © Arne Sattler

insight into cells © Arne Sattler

View into the cells © Arne Sattler

The Berlin Rheuma League advises © Arne Sattler

Guests come and go... © Arne Sattler

Lecture with Prof. Bob Jack © Arne Sattler

Mobile rheumatism consultation © Arne Sattler

Mobile rheumatism consultation © Arne Sattler

At the German Rheumatism Research Centre Berlin, biologists, chemists, physicians and many other specialists are conducting interdisciplinary research into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of the development of inflammatory rheumatic inflammation. They are looking for starting points to develop new therapeutic strategies. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Radbruch, they are working in many regional, national and international research networks to make rheumatism curable in the future.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Angela Zink, the epidemiologists at the Institute – doctors, statisticians, social scientists and medical documentarians – together with a network of more than 300 rheumatologists throughout Germany are investigating the various forms of inflammatory rheumatic diseases in children and adults. For example, scientists gain knowledge about the consequences of diseases on patients’ quality of life, how safe new drugs are or how good rheumatological care is in Germany.

Although you, the patients, are the focus of our work, we cannot treat you here in the DRFZ

You will find professional treatment at rheumatologists and in specialist rheumatology clinics and centres. Nevertheless, you will benefit from the results of our work. You are introduced to the working methods of physicians in hospitals and clinics, to the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic patients.

Early diagnosis is one of the most important factors for successful therapy. For this reason, you should consult your family doctor immediately in the event of such complaints and, if necessary, strive for a speedy referral to a rheumatologist. Today almost every second patient with rheumatoid arthritis, for example, can continue to work after years of effective therapy and thus remain socially active.

If you want to inform yourself about rheumatism and its treatment possibilities, we refer to the websites at the bottom of this page. There you will find information on the clinical pictures, the typical symptoms of the individual diseases and the treatment options. The pages also provide assistance in finding specialists or early arthritis consultation hours in your area, as well as patient organisations and forums for exchange with other patients.

Insight into rheumatism research

For various patient events we would like to open our doors for everyone who would like to take a look in our laboratories. Every year, for example on the occasion of the “Long Night of the Sciences”, you can visit our institute and obtain information from our scientists about the current status of our findings. We are preparing ourselves with an extensive program to give the average 1,000 guests an interesting insight.

On World Rheumatology Day, October 12, we are organizing a joint event for patients, together with the Berlin Rheumatology League and the Medical Clinic with a focus on rheumatology and clinical immunology at the Charité.

On “Immunology Day”, 29 April, we will conduct small experiments with primary school classes. Our scientists explain individual cells and their tasks in the immune system and bring the fun of experimenting to potential young scientists in a simple form.

We will inform you about all events in advance on our website.

Weblinks for rheumatism patients and relatives

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