Avrion Mitchison Preis 2019

The Avrion Mitchison Prize 2019 goes to Anika Grüneboom and Stephan Culemann from the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Stephan Culemann (le) and Anika Grueneboom (ri)

Dr. Anika Grüneboom and Stephan Culemann are awarded for their joint work on the role of macrophages (specialised immune cells) in rheumatic inflammation. Up to now, synovial macrophages have generally been suspected of contributing to joint inflammation. The two young scientists have now been able to show that macrophages of a certain type form a membrane in healthy joints that protects the joint and can even dampen inflammatory reactions. In rheumatoid arthritis, however, this protective mechanism seems to fail: the membrane becomes permeable for autoreactive immune cells. This hitherto unknown diversity of synovial macrophages could offer new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. The work has been published in the science journal “nature”.

Stephan Culemann will present the work during the award ceremony. His talk “Locally renewing resident synovial macrophages provide a protective barrier for the joint” will be held in English.

Guests are welcome.

Venue: Deutsches Rheuma-Forschungszentrum Berlin, Lobby
Campus Charité Mitte
Charitéplatz 1 / Virchowweg 12
10117 Berlin

Contact: Katrin Moser, moser@drfz.de