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Apr 20

Keeping communications open with online research talks

eLife hosts online seminars to support early-career researchers to present their research online instead of in person.


Next seminar Thursday, April 16, 5-6pm BST, Berlin: 18:00 CEST


Diversity and inclusion

Many researchers are regularly unable to present their work at in-person gatherings for geopolitical and financial reasons not related to the current COVID-19 pandemic. While we have less work to do now to support in-person events than we would normally have, we are taking this opportunity to learn what works well when hosting research talks online. The intention is to consider future opportunities to improve inclusion in science once in-person gatherings resume.

We are using Zoom to run this webinar series. We invite prospective viewers and speakers who are unable to access these webinars due to our technology choice to please share feedback and suggestions directly with us by email to

Anmeldung & Kontakt

With many conferences and in-person meetings cancelled or postponed in support of public health guidance for the COVID-19 pandemic, we wish to make sure early-career researchers (ECRs) can continue to communicate their latest work to their peers.

Starting on March 26, eLife will host an online seminar twice a week (for four weeks, initially). Each seminar will be chaired by an eLife editor and will feature three ECR speakers presenting their recent work with time for questions afterwards.

These are open webinars. We invite ECRs to sign up for talk slots, as detailed below: you would present a 10-minute talk with five minutes for questions afterwards. Anyone is welcome to join the webinars and share questions and comments for the speakers.

Interested in finding out more about opportunities, events and issues that are important for early-career researchers? Sign up to the eLife Early-Career Community newsletter or follow @eLifeCommunity on Twitter.

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