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Nov 18

Randy Lindquist: Imaging of inflammation


Thursday, 1 November 2018 || Time: 14:00


Inflammation, since it was defined two millenia ago, is primarily a characteristic of tissues. Even when systematic inflammation occurs, it manifests very differently in various tissues, depending on the tissue’s physiological role. For example, resident memory T cells perform immunosurveillance in the peripheral tissues where pathogens enter the body, while germinal center reactions occur in secondary lymphoid organs and ectopic tertiary lymphoid tissue. The physiology of immune cells and pathogens is influenced by many parameters, including oxygen tension, temperature, perfusion, secreted factors derived from cells or microbial flora, and contacts with other cells and extracellular matrix. As the influence of these parameters on cellular function is different for each cell type involved in immune responses, we argue that a comprehensive analysis can only be performed in intact, living tissue. This requires specialized imaging techniques, the uses of which both clinically and in basic research will be discussed.


when: 14:00-15:00, weekly, every Thursday
where: DRFZ, Seminar room 3, Charitéplatz 1
visitors: Virchowweg 12

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• Are you familiar with chronic inflammatory diseases?
• Have you heard that any organ can be affected?
• Joints, skin, kidneys, nerves, intestines – all?
• understand one inflammatory disease – cure them all?

…. these and further topics will be covered in the new Lecture Series given by our Postdoc Fellows.

miRNA +++ drug discovery +++ imaging +++ cancer +++ RNA-based gene regulation +++ immune checkpoints as therapeutic targets +++ T cells +++ mass cytometry ++ plasma cell targeting +++ RA and cardiovascular disease +++ optical ethods +++ stromal niches

Stefan Frischbutter +++ Patrick Maschmeyer +++ Randall Lindquist +++ Gitta Heinz +++ Marina Babic-Cac +++ Shintaro Hoyjo +++ Axel Schulz +++ Laleh Khodadadi +++ Yvette Meissner +++ Asylkhan Rakhymzhan +++ Daniel Schulz

In the ScienceCampus we aim at transferring research and therapeutic concepts from one disease to another – across disciplines – for a fast translation into the clinic.

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