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Jan 19

Stefan Frischbutter: Drug Discovery in academia


Thursday, 10 January 2019 || Time: 14:00


More than one hundred years ago Paul Ehrlich developed chemotherapy and thereby pioneered drug discovery. Since then, this research area has turned into a multi-billion-dollar business which was for a long time dominated by the pharma industry. However, this is about to change: drug discovery in academic institutions becomes more and more popular again. Based on my own experience and using several examples I will highlight the value of academic drug discovery for the development of sophisticated therapeutic approaches especially for indications with unmet medical need.


when: 14:00-15:00, weekly, every Thursday
where: DRFZ, Seminar room 3, Charitéplatz 1
visitors: Virchowweg 12

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• Are you familiar with chronic inflammatory diseases?
• Have you heard that any organ can be affected?
• Joints, skin, kidneys, nerves, intestines – all?
• understand one inflammatory disease – cure them all?

…. these and further topics will be covered in the new Lecture Series given by our Postdoc Fellows.

miRNA +++ drug discovery +++ imaging +++ cancer +++ RNA-based gene regulation +++ immune checkpoints as therapeutic targets +++ T cells +++ mass cytometry ++ plasma cell targeting +++ RA and cardiovascular disease +++ optical ethods +++ stromal niches

Stefan Frischbutter +++ Patrick Maschmeyer +++ Randall Lindquist +++ Gitta Heinz +++ Marina Babic-Cac +++ Shintaro Hoyjo +++ Axel Schulz +++ Laleh Khodadadi +++ Yvette Meissner +++ Asylkhan Rakhymzhan +++ Daniel Schulz

In the ScienceCampus we aim at transferring research and therapeutic concepts from one disease to another – across disciplines – for a fast translation into the clinic.

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