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3rd German Mass Cytometry User Forum

Welcome in Berlin!

Announcement CyTOF-User Forum

Announcement CyTOF-User Forum

Dear friends of mass cytometry,

We offer a full 2-day program featuring talks from invited experts in the field, abstract presentations, workshops on computational data analysis and mass cytometry-related benchwork, and a Get Together including Buffett dinner and the scientific poster session.

January 23rd (approx. 9 am) – January 24th (approx. 5 pm), 2020

Karl-Storz Visitor and Training Centre, close to Berlin Central Station
Scharnhorststraße 3, 10115 Berlin/German

Confirmed speakers
Burkhard Becher, Antonio Cosma, Thomas Höllt, Michael Leipold, Henrik Mei, Tyler Burns and Marie-Laure Yaspo

I am looking forward to meeting you in Berlin in January 2020!

Best wishes,


Dr. Henrik Mei
Principal Investigator * Scientific Head of Mass Cytometry * ISAC Scholar 2017-2021 * Coordinator German Mass Cytometry Network (masscytometry@drfz.de)
Deutsches Rheumaforschungszentrum Berlin (DRFZ), a Leibniz Institute
Berlin, Germany



Organizing Committee and contact

Henrik Mei
Axel Schulz
Ute Hoffmann
Jacqueline Hirscher


Germanet Steering Committee

Bertram Bengsch, Freiburg
Ezio Bonifacio, Dresden
Manfred Hönig, Ulm
Désirée Kunkel, Berlin
Henrik Mei, Berlin
Marie-Laure Yaspo, Berlin

We are moste grateful to our Sponsors and Exhibitors

Henrik Mei opens the Mass Cytometry User Forum ©Jacqueline Hirscher

Seminar room ©Jacqueline Hirscher

Talk Cara Wogsland ©Ute Hoffmann

Talk Andrew Ducksworth ©Ute Hoffmann

Industry Exhibition ©Jacqueline Hirscher

Industry Exhibition ©Jacqueline Hirscher

Industry Exhibition ©Jacqueline Hirscher

Discussion ©Ute Hoffmann

Panel discussion ©Ute Hoffmann

Opening of the get together by Fluidigm ©Jacqueline Hirscher

Opening of the get together by Fluidigm ©Jacqueline Hirscher

Postersession ©Jacqueline Hirscher

Postersession ©Jacqueline Hirscher

Postersession ©Ute Hoffmann

Postersession ©Ute Hoffmann

Talk Manfred Classen ©Ute Hoffmann

Talk Jan Verhoeff ©Ute Hoffmann

Panel discussion ©Ute Hoffmann

Poster prize winner Camila Fernández-Zapata (Priller Lab, Charité Berlin) ©Jacqueline Hirscher

2nd German Mass Cytometry User Forum  in retrospect

The 2nd German Mass Cytometry User Forum held on January 24th – 25th 2019 in Berlin was a great success. The Forum was organized by the German Mass Cytometry Network, GerMaNet in collaboration with the German Rheumatism Research Center Berlin, a Leibniz-Institute, to link mass cytometry laboratories in Berlin, Munich, Ulm, Cologne, and Dresden, to further promote networking and exchange within the mass cytometry community in and around Germany.

With more than 100 visitors – experts and novices in mass cytometry – from Germany and ten other countries, the German Mass Cytometry User Forum has established itself as the leading hub for mass cytometry topics in Germany with international impact.

Invited speakers, workshops and abstracts covered mass cytometry technology & reagents, different areas of biomedical research, experimental setup and controls, and computational data mining and visualization.

We applaud the winner of this years’ poster prize, Camila Fernández-Zapata (Priller Lab, Charité Berlin) for her contribution on “High-dimensional single-cell profiling of PBMCs in early MS using multiplexed mass cytometry”.

We want to thank all speakers, industry and participants for making this a wonderful and memorable event.

We look forward to the next German Mass Cytometry User Forum in 2020. Stay tuned!

Henrik Mei and Axel Schulz,

on behalf of the Germanet steering committee