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Chronic Inflammation Forum (CIF)

The scientific exchange is structured under the name Chronic Inflammation Forum. For example, there are regular discussion clubs on specific topics.

The Scientific Discussion Clubs of the “Chronic Inflammation Forum” on the various scientific focuses of the ScienceCampus are a platform for regular project discussions and optimizations as well as for networking among each other. Participation in the clubs is an integral part of the curriculum of doctoral students and postdocs.

  • Innate Lymphoid Cell club
  • Transcriptome Club
  • Labseminar
  • Cell Analytics Forum (Computational data analysis, Mass cytometry (CyTOF), FACS & cell sorting, Imaging, Immune monitoring, Transcriptomics NGS)
  • Memory club
  • Methods in Bioinformatics and Statistics
  • Microbiota club
  • Joint club
  • B Cell club
  • MACS club
  • Leibniz-Inflammation Lectures
  • Leibniz-Talks
  • Mucosal Immunology Club

The clubs take place in the seminar rooms of the DRFZ. They take place weekly, monthly or even just a few times a year. Communication will be in English.

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Leibniz-Talk series

International experts are regularly invited to present their research results and discuss their concepts in the new Leibniz-Talk series.
The cellular basics and also the different therapy options are explained by experts. It is possible to get in touch with representatives of the various Charité clinics as well as with renowned scientists. The ScienceCampus regularly invites international experts to present their research results and discuss their concepts with our scientists.

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Inflammation Lectures - the first of their kind in Berlin

A completely new concept was developed at the Leibniz-Inflammation Lecture. There are always 2 lectures. The special thing about it is the mix: One topic – two approaches: one person from basic research and one from the hospital give a lecture on a certain chronic inflammatory disease. From a clinical point of view, the status of therapy is discussed, as well as the current state of research from the perspective of researchers. The inflammation lectures show how basic research affects therapy concepts and vice versa.


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Videos von mitgeschnittenen Vorträgen finden Sie in der Mediathek nach Themen sortiert.
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