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Equal opportunities

Fair Chances for all

Equal opportunities for our employees is a central concern of the DRFZ. In accordance with this principle, we strive for qualitative and quantitative equality at all levels. In the area of scientific support, equality has almost been achieved. We are on a good way when it comes to scientific staff.

The Equal Opportunity Officers advise and support the institute’s management in implementing the state’s equal opportunity mission. They act confidentially and are not bound to instructions. The Equal Opportunity Officers are active in the following areas:

  • Providing information, advice and support to all employees on the subject of equality
  • Raising awareness of gender equality issues in the institute’s committees and boards
  • Accompanying recruitment and appointment procedures
  • Support and guidance in cases of sexualized discrimination and violence, stalking and mobbing
  • Networking within the Leibniz Association
  • Participation in committees
  • Information and advice on the Leibniz Association’s junior researcher support program specifically for women
  • Promotion of a gender-sensitive language
Gleichstellungsplan des DRFZ
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4. Fassung, 2022 (currently in German only)
Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer Lisa Budzinski Phone 03028460652 gleichstellung@drfz.de
Gender-sensitive language

We use amongst others:

Beschäftigte, Studierende, Gruppenleitungen, Betroffene, Antragstellende, Direktorium, Leitung, Vertretung, Ombudsperson

Fb Geschlechtergerechte Sprache in Brandenburg

Leitfaden Gendergerechte Sprache der FU

Leitfaden Der Universität Zu Köln

Leitfaden Geschlechtergerechte Sprache HTW Berlin FB4

Sexualized Discrimination

Contact persons

Equal opportunities officer
Dr. Anna Pfeffer

Deputy equal opportunities officer
Lisa Budzinski

Prof. Peter Klötzel; Charité

Advice Centre for Conflict Guidance and Prevention of the Leibniz Association

Child care

Upon request, funds are available for childcare as part of the Leibniz Science Campus Chronic Inflammation.



If you have any questions regarding the provisions of the tariff regarding the compatibility of care and work, please contact the DRFZ Human Resources Office.

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