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Avrion Mitchison Prize 2022

Application deadline August 31, 2022

Avrion Mitchison Prize

In honor of its Founding Director, Avrion Mitchison, the Deutsches Rheuma-Forschungszentrum Berlin (DRFZ), a Leibniz Institute, annually awards the Avrion Mitchison Prize to young scientists contributing significantly to understanding and treating rheumatic diseases. Donated by the Ernst Schering Foundation until 2018, the prize is now awarded by the DRFZ.

Avrion Mitchison discovered cooperation of T and B lymphocytes as the basis of adaptive immunity and chronic inflammation. He was the first Scientific Director of the DRFZ (1989-96).

The prize is endowed with 3,000 Euros

As has been a tradition for many years, the award ceremony is held on the first Tuesday in December, followed by the Albrecht Hasinger Lecture, this year given by Prof. Pierre Miossec from Lyon University, France.

Since the application documents must be submitted in English, the following information on the call for proposals is available in English only.

Eligibility and how to apply

  • maximum 3 years post PhD
  • paper (or thesis) published or accepted for publication in the last 18 months
How to apply

Your application should include

  • Your publication(s)
  • A concisive summary emphasizing the relevance of your work for rheumatic diseases (800 characters incl. space)
  • Your curriculum vitae

Please send your application as PDF to
Andreas Radbruch, Scientific Director of the DRFZ: radbruch@drfz.de

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