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Hilmar Fünning

DEAL Konsortium

Learn more about the strategic aims of DEAL and its negotiation objectives and how the Publish and Read agreements are driving the open access transformation.

Thanks to the transformative nationwide DEAL agreements, authors affiliated with more than 1000 DEAL institutions across Germany can publish their articles openly in thousands of high quality, peer-reviewed journals across all disciplines.

DEAL Project: Elsevier

Open access agreement for Germany
Publish with Elsevier

Please note: Check the list of journals that are included in the agreement.
Download: Journal List.xlsx

Pricing Model

  • Paper Charge Model: Participating institutions will pay a Publish and Read Fee (PAR Fee) or an Article Processing Charge (APC), as specified in the contract, for each publication in Elsevier’s Core Hybrid and Fully Gold journals by submitting corresponding authors assigned to their institution. All fees incurred will be invoiced to the participating institutions by MPDL Services gGmbH.
  • The PAR Fee for publications in Core Hybrid journals is €2,550 net. In the case of a high participation rate (more than 90% of the German publication volume in Elsevier journals in 2022 is covered by the participating institutions), the PAR fee will be reduced by 2% to €2,500 net. In both cases, the PAR fee is subject to an annual increase of 3% from 2025.
  • For publications in Cell Press and The Lancet hybrid journals, the APC is €6,450 net. It is subject to an annual increase of 4% from 2025.
  • For publications in Elsevier’s Fully Gold Open Access journals, the APCs are calculated according to the list prices charged to participating institutions minus the agreed discounts.

Article Publishing Charge (APC) price list

Publishing with Elsevier: step-by-step:

Learn about the publication process and how to submit your manuscript. This tutorial will help you find the right journal and maximize the chance to be published.
Submit your paper (

This video provides an overview of the author submission process in Editorial Manager.

DEAL Project: Springer Nature

Open access agreement for Germany
Information for authors

Author tutorials (Writing a journal manuscript)

Please note: Check the list of journals that are included in the agreement.
Here you find the link to the current Springer Journal List
Download: Journal List.xlsx

  • The cost of Open Access publishing and reading access for subscription journals will be covered by the reallocation of former subscription fees as part of the DEAL transitional cost model “Publish and Read”. A Publish and Read (PAR) Fee of EUR 2,600 per publication in (hybrid) subscription journals has been agreed for the duration of the contract.

DEAL Project: Wiley

Open access agreement for authors at eligible German institutions
Wiley Author Services

Please note: You must publish open access in one of Wiley’s and Hindawi’s fully open access journals or a subscription journal that offers open access (hybrid journal).
Download the full list of journals here

Pricing Model

  • The costs for Open Access publishing and access to subscription journal content are covered through the reallocation of former subscription fees under the DEAL transitional cost model “Publish And Read,” via a unified Publish-and-Read Fee (PAR Fee). For the new Wiley contract starting in 2024, journals are categorized into three different tiers, each with different PAR Fees:
    • Tier I: Journals in Tier I, for example, have a full-time, permanent editorial office or are led by full-time Editors-in-Chief employed by Wiley or a professional society. They have Hybrid APC list prices outside of DEAL exceeding 3,500 EUR – the APC price alone is not decisive.
    • Tier II & III: Journals in Tier II & III differ based on their ownership status (Tier II – journals from professional societies or Wiley-owned).
Tier PAR Fee
I 3.150 €
II 2.700 €
II 2.200 €

Frontiers Media: 10% consortium discount (2024 - 2026)

Benefits for institutional partners

  • Discounts are applied to your APCs, depending on the agreement (DRFZ: 10%).
  • You’ll have access to a tailored dashboard where you can approve funding, monitor engagement and download reports.
  • You’ll be given full control with every APC verified by a central contact point.
  • You’ll have personalized, dedicated account management support to ensure a seamless partnership.
Direct invoicing
APCs for all accepted articles are sent directly to the contact point at the institution.
Discounts may be applicable based on your institution’s publishing history with Frontiers (DRFZ: 10%).
No pre-payment or deposit required.
Nature Transformative Agreement (2022 - 2024)

Das DRFZ schließt das Nature Transformative Agreement ab
Mit dieser Vereinbarung erhalten DRFZ-Autor:innen die Möglichkeit ihre Artikel Open Access in Nature und 34 Original-Zeitschriften des Nature Research Portfolios zu veröffentlichen.

Permanenter Zugang zu allen 58 Nature und Nature Branded Journals der Vertragslaufzeit 2022 – 2024.
Open-Access-Veröffentlichung: in jedem Nature Research Journal.
Nature Review Journals und Nature Protocols = read only.

Open-Access-Publikationsfonds der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft: Zeitschriften

Der Publikationsfonds für Artikel in Open-Access-Zeitschriften der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft fördert Publikationen in Open-Access-Zeitschriften, die Publikationsgebühren erheben (article processing charges, APC). Der Fonds wird anteilig aus dem Strategiefonds des Präsidiums der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft (20 Prozent) und aus Mitteln der beteiligten Institute (80 Prozent) finanziert.


Förderfähig sind Artikel, die folgende Kriterien erfüllen:

  • Der/die corresponding author ist Mitglied des teilnehmenden Leibniz‐Instituts und verfügt über eine ORCID iD.
  • Es handelt sich um eine genuine Open‐Access‐Zeitschrift, in der alle Publikationen unmittelbar mit ihrem Erscheinen unter einer Creative‐Commons‐Lizenz frei zugänglich sind (keine hybriden Zeitschriften).
  • Die Zeitschrift wendet ein im jeweiligen Fach anerkanntes Qualitätssicherungsverfahren an und soll im Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) gelistet sein.
  • Die Gesamtkosten liegen bei maximal 1.680 EUR netto (2.000 inkl. Umsatzsteuer). Geteilte Rechnungen sind generell nicht förderfähig.


Stellen Sie Ihren Förderantrag über unser Online-Formular.

PLOS Open Access Publishing Agreement (2023 - 2024)

The US publisher Public Library of Science (PLOS) publishes pure Open Access journals in the natural and life sciences and related disciplines.

The DRFZ is part of a consortium agreement with Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) that allows member institutions to participate in PLOS’ three innovative publishing models.

This two-year agreement (2023 – 2024) provides researchers affiliated with consortium members with unlimited publishing privileges in PLOS journals without them having to cover fees themselves (PLOS Biology, PLOS Climate, PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS Digital Health, PLOS Genetics, PLOS Global Public Health, PLOS Medicine, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, PLOS ONE, PLOS Pathogens, PLOS Sustainability and Transformation, PLOS Water).

To publish in PLOS as a corresponding author:

  • Please follow the Submission Guidelines (Editorial Manager).
  • While submitting your manuscript, please indicate German Rheumatism Research Centre Berlin (DRFZ) as your institution/affiliation (see further information here).

PLOS submission instructions for authors

PLOS Einreichungsanleitung fuer AutorInnen

Databases & Alternative Access Strategies



Alternative Access Strategies

Google scholar

Most entries in a GS search come with several different access options, with a link to direct access when available


BASE – Bielefelder Academic Search Engine

One of the world’s most voluminous search engines for academic web resources, provides more than 120 million documents of which about 60% are open access

Open Access Button

Free, legal research papers, covers also preprint archives, institutional and subject repositories and researchGate. Additionally it allows you to send a request for any article that isn’t already covered and the OAButton team will try to make it available


Preprint server


Tool for academic networking: register for free, create your own profile, share research, ask authors for publications

The uploading of articles which are not published open access may violate the copyright.


Unpaywall is an open database that provides links to more than 23 million open-access resources. It harvests content directly from over 50,000 journals’ open-access repositories and open data from PubMed Central, the DOAJ, Crossref (particulary their license info), and DataCite.

If all else fails please order the article from your library.

Open access
Open-Access-Publikationsfonds der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft: Zeitschriften
Der Publikationsfonds für Artikel in Open-Access-Zeitschriften der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft fördert Publikationen in Open-Access-Zeitschriften, die Publikationsgebühren erheben (article processing charges, APC).

Open Access Monitor
Monitor zur Erfassung des Publikationsaufkommens deutscher akademischer Einrichtungen in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften.
Analysen der Subskriptions- und Publikationsausgaben unterstützen die Transformation in den Open Access.

Open Access to Scientific Information Open Access Net
Directory of Open Access Journals DOAJ
Directory of Open Access Books DOAB
SHERPA/RoMEO (Publisher copyright polocies and self-archiving)
Open Access at the Leibniz Association
Leibniz Open (Leibniz Association Repository)

DRFZ-Publications in PDF-fulltext 2000 – 2024

Publications 2000 – 2024

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